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This Wednesday, 10/12/2016, due to the cancellation of class for Yom Kippur we will be running a weekend schedule. To see the routes and their times refer to the SAT-SUN sections of our FALL 2016 schedule.

On Columbus day, 10/10/2016, from 9 AM to 12 PM we will not be servicing the following stops on the WS OUT: Arthur St., Murray st., Front St. and Hawley & Court  due to the Columbus Day Parade. Instead, we will be servicing these stops on Leroy St. We will be servicing Downtown.

The Hawley & Court stop until 7PM or until the end of the festival.

On 10/3 and 10/4 OCCT will be running a Sunday schedule. 

Download the ETA SPOT app to your smartphone for real time GPS tracking of our buses!

We will be running a weekend schedule (SAT-SUN) on Monday (10/03) and Tuesday (10/04) due to Rosh Hashanah. The 12:15 AM WS OUT does not exist on our schedule (click here for schedule). Please do not wait for this bus at the Union.

Starting Monday (9/12/2016) the DCL  OUT/IN will become the DCR OUT/IN and will be running only through Riverside Dr. For maps and stop locations, click here.

Late Night service begins this weekend. The new downtown stop will be on Court st. and Washington St. 

The changes you have been notified on concerning the DCL inbound and outbound, now the DCR, is a temporary switch until modifications can be made along the Leroy Street corridor. We are currently working with the City of Binghamton to create a route that will be mutually beneficial for OCCT, their passengers and the city. Once the modifications have occurred and the route returns to a portion of Leroy Street, you will be notified.


The OCC Transport and TAPS team

On Labor Day, September 5th, 2016 we will be running a weekend schedule (SAT-SUN). Please refers to the SAT-SUN part of our schedule.

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