Mckenna 5k Detour on 3/24/2018


Due to the Mckenna 5k race, the LRS and the WS OUT will be affected. The detours will be the following:

LRS will make a right into Helen st. after Main st. It will then go onto Leroy st. and service all of the Leroy st. stops. After that it will make a RIGHT into Oak st. and then a LEFT into Riverside dr. The next stop it will service will be the DOWNTOWN CENTER and continue on its normal route from there

(STOPS THAT WILL NOT BE SERVICED: Main & Schiller, Main & Beethoven, Beethoven & Schubert, Beethoven & Seminary, Oak & Eaton, Oak & Main, Main & Front, Court st.)

The WS OUT will also turn RIGHT into Helen st and follow the same detour.

(STOPS THAT WILL NOT BE SERVICED: Main & Schiller, Main & Clarke, Main & Cedar, Main & Arthur, Main & Murray, Main & Front, Hawley & Court).

The WS IN will also not be able to service stops from Beethoven to Court st.

Cupid Chase 5k detour

On Saturday 02/09/2018 starting at 11:00AM, due to Cupid's Chase 5k race some of our runs will have some stops that will not be serviced. This detour will only last until the race is over (around NOON). The following stops WILL NOT be serviced:

WS OUTBOUND: (Will detour towards Leroy st. after it services Main & Schiller st.)

Main st. & Clarke st

Main st. & Cedar st

Main st. & Arthur st

Main st. & Murray st

Main st. & Front st

Court st. & Hawley st (This one will be completely closed)

(The WS IN will run as normal)


LRS: (Will only affect the 11:15AM LRS)

Main st. & Beethoven st

Beethoven & Schubert st

Beethoven & Highland st

Beethoven & Seminary st

Beethoven & Leroy st.

Oak st. & Eaton

Oak st. & Main st.

Main & Front st. 


Leroy st. will still be open for the LRS, DCL OUT & IN. Due to this race, there might be some delays. This detour will only last until the barricades are taken away (Approximately until NOON).