Mckenna 5k Detour on 3/24/2018


Due to the Mckenna 5k race, the LRS and the WS OUT will be affected. The detours will be the following:

LRS will make a right into Helen st. after Main st. It will then go onto Leroy st. and service all of the Leroy st. stops. After that it will make a RIGHT into Oak st. and then a LEFT into Riverside dr. The next stop it will service will be the DOWNTOWN CENTER and continue on its normal route from there

(STOPS THAT WILL NOT BE SERVICED: Main & Schiller, Main & Beethoven, Beethoven & Schubert, Beethoven & Seminary, Oak & Eaton, Oak & Main, Main & Front, Court st.)

The WS OUT will also turn RIGHT into Helen st and follow the same detour.

(STOPS THAT WILL NOT BE SERVICED: Main & Schiller, Main & Clarke, Main & Cedar, Main & Arthur, Main & Murray, Main & Front, Hawley & Court).

The WS IN will also not be able to service stops from Beethoven to Court st.