Please read the following helpful information on OCCT guidelines and regulations: 

General Information

  • Plan ahead. Refer to our schedule on our website: www.occtransport.org 
  • If you find the bus you are trying to take is consistently full, there are alternative options. 
    • Murray street is serviced by the Westside Shuttle, Leroy Southside and UDC - Riverside. Refer to the schedule for stop locations and times. 
    • Front street is serviced by the Westside Shuttle, Leroy Southside and UDC- Riverside. 
    • There are 5 buses that service the UDC center every hour. 
    • Consider taking an earlier bus. 
    • Consider using BC transit as an alternative option. 


OCC Transport is pleased to offer guest service to all eligible passengers. 

Please note the following:

  • 1 guest may board per BU Identification card presented
  • Please indicate to the driver when boarding that you have a guest with you. You may need to scan your ID a second time. The bus driver will provide further instruction if necessary.
  • Host passengers are responsible for the conduct of their guests and must be present for the duration of the guest's visit.

Catching our Buses

  • Know when your bus is scheduled to arrive and be at the stop 5-10 minutes beforehand. 
  • When the bus is approaching, wave or flag it down so the driver knows you are waiting to board. 
  • Wait for the bus on the sidewalk, NOT on the street. 
  • ALWAYS enter through the front door, NEVER the back door unless instructed to do so by the driver. 
  • Allow passengers to finish exiting the bus before you board. 
  • Have your BU ID out and ready to scan prior to boarding the bus. 
  • Move to the rear of the bus when you are standing. 

When Riding the Bus

  • Respect our buses as you would Binghamton University property. 
  • Keep noise to a tolerable level, as per the driver’s discretion. This includes talking and loud music. 
  • We have a garbage at the front of the bus, please use it. 
  • There is no standing after 12 AM on Friday and Saturday nights. This is for passenger safety. 

Leaving the Bus

  • Call next stop clearly and loudly. 
  • Call your stop early enough for the driver to be able to stop. 
  • Do not stand in the stairwell or in front of the white line. 
  • If you don’t know where your stop is, ask the driver. We are there to help. 

Lost Items

  • Check your seat when you stand up to leave for items you may have left. 
  • We do not handle lost items. Our lost and found goes directly to UPD. 
  • If you lose your ID, you can input your B-number into the scanner. 

Riding Late Night

  • Late night buses are often late due to vomit incidents and vandalism.
    • If you feel sick, tell the driver or monitor. A garbage can will be provided.
    • If you do vomit in the bus, you will be charged a cleaning fee.
  • Enter the bus through the front doors.
    • Don’t crowd the doors. They have broken before. 
    • There is no standing on the buses past 12(midnight) on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • All buses load from the barricades.
  • Keep a safe distance away from the bus at the union so they have a clear path to leave. 
  • Failure to follow regulations will result in expulsion from the bus. 

Additional Information

  • Subscribe to our Twitter with your mobile device to receive instant notification of any change in service, such as a delay or cancellation, as a text message. Just text "Follow @OCCT" to 40404. Unsubscribe at any time by texting "OFF @OCCT" to 40404. Standard text messaging fees apply.
  • Plan ahead. 
  • Our schedules are different on the weekends. Pay attention to which schedule you are reading.

Inclement Weather Emergency Procedure

  • In the event that the University sends out a RAVE alert warning for severe weather, the emergency procedure is as follows:
    • Buses that are on University Property (i.e. Union, UDC, ITC) will freeze and unload passengers. Turn off the bus and seek shelter.
    • Buses that are en route will proceed as usual until they reach University Property at which point they will freeze and unload passengers.
    • Should conditions become so bad that a bus cannot continue until it reaches University Property it will pull over in a safe place and unload passengers to the nearest public building.