"Run By the Students, For the Students."


Off Campus College Transport, Inc., being a completely student operated and managed enterprise, will at all times strive to provide safe, reliable, convenient, consistent, and courteous transportation to the Binghamton University community. 

How We Do It

The key to fulfilling our mission is a dedicated team of drivers, coordinators and mechanics coupled with well thought out routes and schedules. For this reason we only hire the best of the best and require all of our drivers to take part in an extensive training program, this has helped us maintain our exemplary safety record. Our routes have been formulated to cover all major student destinations, both residential and commercial, and our schedule has been arranged to be as convenient as possible. OCC Transport operates from as early as 7:00am to as late as 4:00am with over 600 hours of service per week! 

Where We Go

OCC Transport's first and foremost priority is the transportation of students between their home and campus for academic purposes, but we don't stop there. Our blue buses travel everywhere you need to go, destinations such as: Walmart, Wegmans, Target, Oakdale Mall, Downtown Binghamton, and many more. This is aside from the On-campus shuttles we provide that go to all the residential communities, as well as, the east and west gym. 

Continuous Improvement

In order to preserve our exceptional service and improve upon it, we must keep up with changing student needs. To accomplish this we will be issuing several surveys throughout the year. Please take the time to complete these surveys; they are designed to help us maintain your satisfaction. 

You Have A Job

As a student at Binghamton University and a Passenger of OCC Transport it is your responsibility to offer feedback on our service. If you feel we are not fulfilling our mission or you have a suggestion about ways to improve our service, we want to hear about it. Any general questions, comments or concerns are welcomed as well. Please direct your emails to the Public Relations Coordinator, or if you feel like being a little more personal, please do not hesitate to stop by the office, UUW-B20.