Media and Public Relations

The OCC Transport, Inc. Board of Directors and Executive Committee maintain and oversee all media relations and news release policies used within all OCCT business units. The media relations and news release policies cover all interactions with the news media and distribution of news releases. Therefore, employees are not authorized to talk with members of the news media about OCCT's business or post on the internet. 

OCCT employees will tell any reporter, journalist, or freelance writer that he or she will need to speak to the appointed media contact. All media requests should be directed to Mack Conan, Public Relations Coordinator ( by email. OCCT employees will not speak to the media or post on the internet in any manner, or answer any questions about OCCT's products, services, or business, or the nature, duration, and scope of work being done for OCCT. 

OCCT employees will not discuss any information that is not generally known or readily accessible outside OCCT. This includes, but is not limited to, information about computer hardware, software or components, services, customers, suppliers, internal methods and techniques, or marketing and distribution plans and activities. These obligations will exist even after employees leave OCCT's employment regardless of how or why employment ended.