OCC Transport, Inc. operates a wheelchair lift-equipped vehicle, the MV-1. This specialized vehicle supplements the regular bus fleet to create a complete transportation system for the students of Binghamton University. All OCCT drivers are trained in the operation of the lift bus and are acquainted with the needs of their passengers. 

The lift bus runs fall and spring semesters, Monday through Friday at assigned slots, when classes are in session. Consult the University academic calendar for the dates of available service. Other special arrangements, such as weekend charters, may be made by contacting the Public Relations Coordinator.

Passenger Rights and Responsibilities

OCC Transport will provide lift passengers with at minimum one (1) ride to campus/UDC which will not make you late to classes and one (1) ride back to your residence after all your classes and activities are done. Additional rides may be provided based upon the availability of the lift vehicle and driver.

Eligibility decisions are made by the Director of Services for Students with Disabilities. Individuals needing lift service should contact the Director of SSD at (607) 777-2686. All authorizations are then forwarded to the PR Coordinator at OCC Transport.  The PR Coordinator will do their best to accommodate all passengers.  

The lift bus provides maximum mobility to serve the academic needs of passengers. Passengers are asked to be on time for all pickups and also inform the PR Coordinator of any problems or cancellations as early as soon possible. 

Lift Policies and Reminders

A schedule will be provided to you upon your addition to the schedule. 

To request a temporary Change of Schedule, you must complete form L-102 and submit it either to our office or or by fax. Forms are processed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and take effect the following week. 

Cancellations – must be submitted via email or phone. Please call the Public Relations Coordinator and leave a message if no one answers. 

To request a permanent Change of Schedule, you must complete form L-103 and submit it either to our office or or by fax. Forms are processed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and take effect the following week. 

If your plans change, and you cannot go on a previously scheduled trip, it is very important that you call and cancel your reservation as soon as you know you will not need service.

"No Show" Policy: If the driver goes to your pick up place and you are unavailable to ride, they are required to wait five minutes past your scheduled time and then you will be recorded as a "no-show". Please be aware that two no-shows in a week may result in a week suspension of service. The "no-show" policy includes late cancellations of trips made less than half an hour to the scheduled trip time. Cancellations are to be made more than half hour in advance to not be considered a "no-show" Note: A trip is defined as a one-way ride. If you have multiple trips scheduled, each trip must be cancelled.   

Any questions, concerns, or complaints may be directed to the PR Coordinator at