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Due to the American Legion Parade at 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM we will not service stops between Arthur street and the UDC. WS/DCL runs will make detour stops along Chestnut St., Leroy and Front St. Leroy downtown services will be temporary suspended. Questions ? Ask it on Twitter

Last day of service will by Friday, July 1, 2016. The regular summer schedule will begin on July 11, 2016.

ITC Shuttles will be running every 20 minutes from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM from July 5, 2016 - July 8,2016

Due to construction on the BU Brain buses will be following a detour. We will be running the regular schedule and service will not be affected. To stay up to date with buses download our ETA Spot app and follow us on twitter @OCCT 

The summer 2016 schedule of service is up and available for download here.

During the summer the ITC and CS routes are merged into one loop that leaves from the Mohawk bus stop every half hour until 5:30pm. After 6:00pm the regular Campus Shuttle loop will run every half hour from Mohawk. 

Any questions? Feel free to call our office at 607-777-6989. 

The summer 2016 schedule of service will be posted at the end of this week. 

ITC ONLY service this week M-F 8am - 5:40pm. Leaves Mohawk every 20 minutes on the :00, :20, :40. 

Service will end at 5:00pm on Friday March 25th. The last runs are the following:

4:30pm RR-TSM

4:30pm WS OUT, 4:55pm DCL IN

4:20pm ITC


4:15pm DCL OUT, 4:35pm WS IN

4:30pm UP

During Spring Break, the only run that will be in service is the ITC.

Service will be running again when classes start on April 4th.

Enjoy your Break!

Service will end Thursday, 5/19, with normal runs. 

ITC service will run 5/23 - 5/27 from 8:00am - 5:40pm with runs leaving every 20 minutes from Mohawk. 

Summer Term I service will begin 5/31 and run from 5/31 - 7/1. The schedule will be posted at the end of next week. 

Beginning April 13th, 2015 all passengers will be required to scan their BU ID cards upon entering the bus.  This helps us get ridership data for the University so we know where expansion is needed the most. 

Passengers are allowed to bring one guest, please let the driver know who your guest is and double swipe your ID.


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