Binghamton University's student driven, managed, and operated bus service.

Leroy Southside

*Below the route map is a list of all stops with detailed descriptions

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Stop Location Photo Description
Union PIC Bus Loop
Physical Facilities PIC Bus Shelter
Denny's PIC BC Transit Sign
Main and Baker PIC Bus Shelter
Main and Albert PIC At corner before Albert St.
Main and St. Charles PIC At corner before St. Charles
Main and Baldwin PIC Hospital Sign
Main and Willow PIC Before Intersection
Main and Jennison PIC Before Intersection
Main and Lester PIC Before Intersection at BC Transit Sign
Main and Floral PIC At City of Binghamton Sign before the arch
Main and Matthews PIC Pedestrian Sign
Main and Crestmont PIC BC Transit Sign
Main and Helen PIC ZOO Sign
Main and Schiller PIC BC Transit Sign
Beethoven and Main PIC On street right after the turn on to Beethoven
Beethoven and Schubert PIC Before Intersection
Beethoven and Highland PIC Before Highland Ave
Beethoven and Seminary PIC BC Transit Sign
Beethoven and Leroy PIC BC Transit Sign
Leroy and Laurel PIC BC Transit Sign
Leroy and Chestnut PIC Before Intersection
Leroy and Walnut PIC After Walnut St.
Leroy and Murray PIC Before Murray St.
Oak and Eaton PIC Before Eaton Pl.
Oak and Main PIC Before intesection by the high school
Main and Front PIC By the bicycle sign 50 ft before intersection
Court and Washington PIC Before Washington St.
Bus Terminal PIC Across the street from the bus terminal
Court and Carroll PIC On side of street after the bus turns left onto Court
Court and Stuyvesant PIC Wooden telephone pole
Tompkins and WebsterPIC Before Intersection
Tompkins and Jackson PIC Before Intersection
Tompkins and Conklin PIC Before Intersection
Conklin and Alfred PIC Across from Alfred St.
Conklin and Telegraph PIC Before Telegraph St.
Park Diner PIC In front of Park Diner
Conklin and Livingston PIC Across from Livingston St.
Conklin and Tremont PIC Across from Tremont
Conklin and South Washington PIC Under the flashing yellow lights
University Plaza PIC BC Transit Sign
Meadows PIC BC Transit Sign
HayesPIC Stop Sign
Washington and Lehigh PIC BC Transit Sign

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