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Have some friends at 20 Hawley and don't know how to get there?  Here are some popular student housing spots!

  1. 20 Hawley St WS and DCR(UDC Stop)

  2. Chenango Place WS(Court and Hawley Stop) LRS(Washington and Court Stop)

  3. Hayes UP LRS(Hayes Stop)

  4. Hillside CS(Hillside Stop)

  5. Hollybrook RR-TSM(Hollybrook Stop)

  6. Meadows   UP LRS(Meadows Stop)

  7. Mountianview CS(Mountainview Stop)

  8. Riviera Ridge RR-TSM(Riviera Ridge Jensen and Burris Stops)

  9. Susquehanna CS(Susquehanna Stop)

  10. Twin River Commons WS and DCR(UDC Stop)

  11. University Plaza UP LRS(UP Stop)

  12. Murray St Housing WS(Murry and Main Stop) LRS(Murray and Leroy Stop)

  13. Schiller St Housing WS and LRS(Schiller Stop)

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