Binghamton University's student driven, managed, and operated bus service.

Thanksgiving Break

Please expect full service to run until Tuesday, November 21st and to resume on Monday, November 27th. The next day on Wednesday, November 22nd, we will have limited service

Runs on Wednesday, November 22nd:

WS OUT/DCL IN - 9:15 AM/9:40 AM; 10:15 AM/10:40 AM; 10:45 AM/11:10 AM

DCL OUT/ DCL IN - 8:30 AM/8:50 AM; 10:00 AM/10:20 AM; 10:45 AM/11:05 AM

UDC OUT/ UDC IN - 8:30 AM/8:45 AM; 9:45 AM/10:00 AM

LRS - 10:00 AM

Campus Shuttle - 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

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