Binghamton University's student driven, managed, and operated bus service.

Severe Weather Policy

Occasionally, the weather becomes so severe that it is necessary to suspend or even cancel service and thus, we have created a Severe Weather Policy. The Binghamton area has been placed on a tornado watch until 11:00 PM. In the case that OCCT decides to enact the Severe Weather Policy, drivers will observe the following policies:

1) If your bus is on campus property  (i.e. Main Campus, UDC, ITC), the driver will proceed to unload passengers at the nearest building and direct everyone to stay in the basement until it is safe to proceed as normal. 

2) If your bus is en route to campus property and the driver is not able to make it safely, he/she will freeze at the nearest public building (i.e. supermarket, library, school). Then, passengers will be unloaded and taken to the basement of that building. Everyone will stay there until it is safe to proceed as normal. 

3) A dispatcher/supervisor will notify the drivers when it is safe to proceed.

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