Binghamton University's student driven, managed, and operated bus service.

Late Nights

Due to increased violence on our buses in recent weeks, we have decided to bring to your attention some of our late night policies.

If any of our drivers feel threatened they are instructed to not load up at the stop or stop service until the fight is broken up.

Don't wait in the middle of the road for the bus.

Don't pressure a driver to allow you to stand on our bus after 12:00am.  There is a reason why that is a rule during these hours.

Don't fight on our buses, we are only trying to get you back to campus safe and sound.

A lot of Late Nights if there are straggles after our last run, our drivers volunteer to do an extra run or two to get your home.  Please just follow these simple rules and we will have a smooth Late Night.

Also since I put up so many don'ts, here are some DOs!

DO keep singing "Build me up buttercup"

DO keep thanking our drivers for driving you to/from downtown, they really appreciate it.

DO help your friend's out and grab the garbage pale for them if they are rejecting the drinks that were so welcomed earlier.


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