History of OCCT

OCC Transport is a student run, student managed bus company made for Binghamton University students.  The history of Off Campus College Transport began in 1971.  Students living off campus had to pay 35¢ for every BC Transit ride.  BC Transit did not run on sundays and only ran until 6:30pm on weekdays.   Students could not pay this 35¢ fee everyday and a student friendly alternative was sought after.  Off Campus College donated $800 to purchase a 1969 school bus from the Whitney Point School District in 1971.  The founding busdrivers of OCC Transport named the bus Maxwell.  Ever since 1971 OCCT has been working to provide better service for students living on and off campus.  Here is a little timeline of things this company has went through:

1971- Maxwell is purchased from the Whitney Point School District.

1978- First Van for students with disabilities is purchased by the Association for Disabled Individuals which began our Lift Service.

1995- Debate over Ownership- Before Spring 1995 OCC Transport ran as a collective of students, whom all had a vote in the direction of the bus service.  The Administration, however, wanted input into the collective, which it funded.  As a result OCC Transport was incorporated.  OCC Transport was reorganized with a new board of directors at the request of the Administration, SA President, and SA Vice-President.

Fall 1997 to Spring 1998-  Debate over Bus Titles- The Administration offers to own the bus titles and lease buses to the company for $1 a year.  SA President and Vice-President refuse, a dispute drags on and interrupts service for most of the 1997-1998 Academic Year.  The Administration ends up with the titles after the long dispute.

Fall 2008- OCC Transport was close to shutting down service due to a 24 year-old tax filing error.  Lawyers fixed the issue and the IRS cleared the company as non-for-profit.

Fall 2010- Two new Champion Buses 08 and 09 are purchased by the University for the company.  These buses were the start of a new Celestial Blue Champion fleet which include buses: 08, 09, 20, 21, 54, and 55.

Summer 2013- Bus 37 is the first of many Thomas C-2 Saf-T-Liners that the University is purchasing for the company in an effort to expand service with increased enrollment.

Fall 2015- Four Ford E-450 Series Passenger Shuttles (747, 748, 762, 763) are introduced to service for the Campus Shuttle route

Spring 2018- Two more Ford E-450 Series Passenger Shuttles (380, 381) are introduced to service, for the Campus Shuttle route

Fall 2018- Three Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) buses (889, 890, 891) are introduced to the fleet. They are also the first to display the design with the Binghamton University Bearcat on the side.

If any Alumni want to share with any information to expand this timeline please e-mail the PR coordinator at pr@occtransport.org or the Director at director@occtransport.org!   

All information is from Pipe Dream and Binghamton Review articles located in our office at UUW B-20.