Available for University Departments and SA Groups


  • $40/week for Student Organizations

  • $45/week for University Departments

  • $60/week for Private Entities


  • Must be on standard 8.5” x 11” paper

  • Must be submitted to the Public Relations Coordinator two (2) weeks before the desired week of posting

  • May be rejected due to inappropriate content or lack of space on buses


  • Fill out the Advertise Request Form (University Department | SA Group | Businesses)

  • Print out 24 copies of your advertisement

  • Submit request form and advertisements to the Public Relations Coordinator in the OCC Transport office (UUW - B20)

  • If you wish to make sure your request is approved before printing out all copies, you may initially submit the request form with only one copy of the advertisement.

Advertisements will be hung and removed by OCCT personnel. You will receive notification confirming your advertising has been fully posted on its effective start date, as specified on the advertising form. PLEASE NOTE THAT OCCT CAN ONLY ACCEPT CHECK OR MONEY ORDER.

If you have any questions please contact the Public Relations Coordinator (