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Tomorrow, 11/22/2014, the city of Binghamton is hosting a holiday parade and will begin staging around 12:30pm. The WS and LRS routes will be detoured as follows for the duration of the parade:

The WS OUT will turn right on Chestnut, left on Leroy, right on Front, left on Riverside, left on Exchange, left on Hawley, and left on Washington St.

  • The WS OUT/IN will NOT service Main and Arthur, Murray, Front, Hawley.
  • The WS OUT/IN will service Leroy and Chestnut, Murray, Front, and end at the UDC.

The WS IN will follow the same route as the WS OUT, but in reverse.

The LRS will continue straight on Leroy, turn right on Front, turn left on Riverside, left on Washington, right on Hawley, left on Carroll, right on Court and continue as normal.

  • The LRS will NOT service Oak and Eaton, Oak and Main, Main and Front, Court and Washington, BC Junction.
  • The LRS will service Leroy and Front, UDC.
We will publicize via twitter when the parade begins and ends. 

We will be having our Fall GIM on 11/11 at 6pm in Lecture Hall 12. We will be discussing everything you need to know about applying to become part of our bus driving team. A few of our drivers will also be there to answer any questions about the day to day job and the perks of working for OCCT. 

We hope to see you there!

The DCR In/Out will be detoured until Riverside Dr. construction is completed. Riverside until Laurel Street is now open.  We will now be using Laurel St to get to Leroy St.

The DCR In/Out will NOT service:

Riverside and Front

Riverside and Murray

Riverside and Chestnut

The DCR In/Out will be detoured down Front St. and will service stops on Leroy:

Leroy and Front

Leroy and Murray

Leroy and Chestnut

Leroy and Laurel

The revised Fall 2014 Schedule has been posted. We are concerned with getting people to classes so we added inbound buses in the morning. There are now four WS IN buses every hour until 1:00pm. We also added UP buses in the morning so UP buses now run every 15 minutes until noon. 

While we wish we could add even more buses, we are limited by the size of our bus fleet. We encourage students to also utilize BC Transit buses which are also free to students. We hope that this new schedule will better keep us on time as we continue to deal with the construction on Riverside Dr. 

The DCR detour down Leroy St. will still be in effect until further notice. 

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